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Parks and Gardens Maintenance




We offer a maintenance service that is highly flexible as the nature of the work means there may be different needs in different seasons.

We are happy to adapt our services to your needs. Whether your hedges need trimming twice a year or mowing the lawn in high season (once every 15 days, monthly, fortnightly or on-demand maintenance) all types of contracts are possible.

A standard maintenance contract includes two visits per month from March to November and one visit per month from December to February.

​Our standard maintenance service also includes the following works:

​- Clearing of areas unreachable by the mower or the robot

- Hoeing and maintenance of flowerbeds and trimming of borders

- Blow cleaning of debris and obstructions on paved areas

- Cut back faded flowers to promote better flowering

- Collection of dead leaves and branches

- Regulate the size of shrubs and hedges (twice per year)

- Removal of weeds from the sidewalk in front of the house

- Fertilizer for lawns

- Clearance of green waste

In January and February: Once a month leaf collection and plantations

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